Monday, August 30, 2010

goodbye vienna...

so finally the day has come and my adventure begins - 5 months travelling asia and oceania. in a few hours i'm on my way to my first stop in singapore. i still can't believe that i'm not going to be home in a while, it's probably gonna hit me after some time. anyways i'm totally excited about my trip and looking forward to see a lot of cool stuff and meeting new people.

packing posed a bit of a challenge yesterday: my suitcase seems way too small for all the things i want/have to take with me. i am a woman and i do need a lot of stuff for such a long time ;-) think i got everything though, but i have to take an extra bag for handluggage with me (a big one of course :-) ).

for the few people who don't know my plans already, my approximate route will look something like that:

so you see i have a lot to look forward to. i'll try to keep you updated with my blog. can't promise though that i have the time and notion to write regularly. there probably will be other, more exciting things occupying my time ;-) but i'm sure there are going to be quite a few status updates and pictures on facebook, just to make you all a bit jealous ;-)

see you all soon!


  1. SEHR SEHR COOL!!!!!
    Alles Gute
    Stefan Fröschl

  2. Gute Reise! Werde deine Blogs aufmerksam verfolgen und oft in Gedanken bei dir sein.... speziell an so verregneten Tagen wie heute! Alles Gute, Klaudia