Thursday, December 2, 2010

kia ora

the last couple of weeks have been very busy and exciting. with the kiwi experience we've been in different places every single day - which means packing every morning and usually getting up around 7.

on the north island we had activities lined up every day: black water rafting (abseiling in a 37 m deep black hole, flying fox in pitch black dark, tubing,...), sky diving, white water rafting, to mention only a few. due to this the first week seemed as if it was a month. we were a great group of people and went out every night. after the first week i felt exhausted! unfortunately a lot of people stayed extra nights at places, so we had a totally different bus crew on the south island - it just wasn't the same :(

things quieted down on the south island - we've done most of the adventure stuff already on the north island, so i finally had the chance to relax a bit. i'm staying in queenstown for 6 nights - it's good to be in a place longer than one night, gives you a homey feeling. must exciting and adrenaline fueled activity i've done was the 134 m bungee jump (highest in nz). i can't describe the feeling, so you better watch the movie:

in general the landscape looks a lot like home - mountains where ever you look, of course different plants and trees (like palm trees). but the area that is uninhabited is vast, you can drive for quiet a while without seeing any houses.

all this in only a nut shell. if you want further details contact me - it would be to excessive to write down everything here. but be assured: new zealand is a great country and full of adventure and nature activites!

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