Monday, October 11, 2010

awesome tokyo

sitting at the airport in singapore right now and waiting for my connecting flight to vietnam (where i will spend the next 3 weeks).

i loved tokyo! can only recommend to everyone to go there. it is such a vibrant and interesting city. though it was not at all how i expected it to be. first when we touched down at narita airport the landscape looked like home - a lot of fields, woods and houses in between. second it was not as busy as i would have imagined it. even the metro was easy to understand and i never had a situation were people had to be pushed into the train because it was that full. third i expected people to run around dressed like crazy (manga, etc.), but mostly japanese people are dressed extremely well. i've never seen that many guys in suits.

the hostel was a new experience for me, since my bed was actually a cabin where you could close the door and also had a window (still bunk bed style though - one top and one bottom cabin). was really nice and added an extra sense of privacy.

i did most of the sightseeing stuff (shibuya, shinjuku, imperial palace, fish market, ...) and of course also tried sushi and karaoke. latter was soo much fun, but i was also with a great group of people.

my cabin

imperial palace (no entrance unfortunately)



you can buy anything from a machine in tokyo

Abercrombie & Fitch (11 floors)

i'll try to get at least some sleep now, good night!

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