Wednesday, October 6, 2010


although i haven't seen much yet, i just love tokyo. when we were flying in the landscape kind of reminded me of austria. everything is clean here, i feel save, people are dressed well, speak english and seem in general more open/helpful to foreigners.

the first thing i did was look up the only abercrombie & fitch store in asia. i didn't find it at first, but all of a sudden i smelled it and a few minutes later there it was :) it is crazy in there in the states already but in tokyo you feel like you are in a club. 11 levels and the music is so loud you just want to start dancing. of course i had to buy some essentials ;)

i also found a bakery and finally had the first decent bread, even with walnuts, since i left home.i am in heaven!! and i finally had some gyoza (pan fried chinese dumplings), which i was craving since i came to china, but never could find a place where they offered them. apperently in tokyo you get them everywhere. in general i think i won't have any problems with the food here, i think i'll like it.

the only thing that was a bit annoying, is that they don't really have escalators in the subway stations. which normally wouldn't be a problem, but i had to carry my suitcase and my 2 bags up a few flights of stairs. then i finally arrive at the hostel and my room is on the 5th floor - of course without an elevator! so i got a pretty good workout today.

gonna explore tokyo more in the next few days. definitely wanna see the fish market and try some sushi. maybe this time i like it.


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