Tuesday, September 28, 2010

first impressions of china

so far china doesn't impress me much. when i first arrived in shanghai i was still in a bad mood, cause i had to say goodbye to everyone and leave bali, i was tired/exhausted, i had a cold, it was raining the whole day, almost no one speaks english here and people are rude and reckless. to top it off they also block facebook and blogger. finally i have a vpn connection, so i can connect again.
you see it wasn't a good start. but on the second day i was well rested, my cold subsided and it stopped raining. i wandered around the city with su, a dutch girl, and we saw a lot of stuff, especially in the old town. but i have to say i don't like shanghai that much and i'm glad when i'm moving on tomorrow.
due to the national holiday on october first i was not able to get train tickets to xi'an and to beijing. so unfortunately i have to skip xi'an (terracotta army) and will be in beijing until october 6th. after that i'm off to tokyo.
here are some impressions of shanghai (notice the change in clothes in comparison to bali):

the bund

i'm off to see the expo now

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