Thursday, September 9, 2010


i'm in bali since saturday now and i can't imagine ever leaving again :) it truly is: eat - sleep - surf (motto of the surf camp i'm staying at). the people are great, the atmosphere is extremly relaxed and everyone just goes with the flow.
surfing is a lot of fun, although i have a couple of bruises and scratches. surprisingly i am not as exhausted as i thought i would be. it's great getting a lot of exercise while having fun at the same time.
unfortunately the weather is not as good as expected. it is cloudy and raining a lot (it is still pretty warm though), but when the sun is out, it is awesome!
don't have any pictures to show yet, it would be too much effort to take them :)
so much for now, i'm off to a 3,5 hour spa treatment for about € 30.

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