Friday, September 3, 2010

singapore - the short version

today is my last day in singapore. although i could imagine living in this city, there is not really much to see.

however here are some impressions of singapore:

boat quay
china town

view from the roof top of my hostel

typical hawker center

the only picture i was able to take of the night safari, because my camera is not the best...

sentosa - siloso beach
some general things about singapore:

  • the heat is almost unbearable due to the high humidity, which is why everyone trys to stay in the shade or inside most of the time
  • a lot of older women run around with umbrellas for sun protection, looks really funny sometimes
  • i personally love the air condition, although a lot of people complain that it is too cold. but if you are able to not get too sweaty outside, it actually is quite agreeable
  • most of the subway stations are in shopping malls, which gives you a good picture how many malls they have here
that's about it. i had a lovely few days here, but i'm looking forward to bali, where i'll spend at least the next 2 weeks. we'll see if i'm able to manage to surf this time and if i'll be able to move after the first days :)

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  1. Hi Andrea, nice pictures. Enjoy your trip! Regards,