Friday, September 24, 2010

last day in paradise

it's a sad day today - my last day in bali!
during the last three weeks i got to know a lot of great people, learned (or at least tried to :) ) how to surf and was also able to overcome some fears. although the weather wasn't what i expected (it rained a lot) it truly is paradise here. wish i could stay in this bubble i'm in for a bit longer, but everything has to end at some point. i can't put into words what i am feeling right now - i'm sad, but also excited about 4 months to come, most of all i'm gonna miss the friends i made here. being at the same place for 3 weeks makes it even harder to say goodbye. i hope i'm getting better at this in the next months.
but at least i was able to end my last surf session with catching my first green wave - thanks to certain people who didn't give up on me and pushed me ;)
tomorrow i'm gonna fly to shanghai (with a 10 hour layover in kuala lumpur). gonna be a flash to be in a busy big city again, after bali.

so thanks to everyone who made my time in bali such a great experience. i'll miss you all and see you on the next wave!

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